Maintaining your CO2 monitoring/controlling equipment

The first and foremost advice to offer would be to keep the equipment clean, dust free and avoiding contamination from bugs and pests.This can be accomplished by using a fine mesh bag the permits the flow of air into and around the monitor/controller, yet restricts the contamination of fine particulate matter from Sphagnum peat moss based
products and spiders, lady bugs, etc from entering the enclosure.

A simple method is to remove the monitor/controller from the green-house or grow room until all the spent(used) material is removed and replaced with new.

A conscious effort is needed to keep the monitor/controller dry and free of any moisture. If foliar spraying is required, place the monitor/controller into a plastic bag, or remove the electronic device entirely. As we know moisture, water, and electronics don’t mix.

Take extra time to secure any electronic device within your green-house at a location that could be shielded from foliar sprays, or even being accidentally dropped into a reservoir full of nutrient solution.

Because of the need to use powdered sulphur products to reduce or eliminate cases of powdery mildew. I highly suggest using the method of removing the monitor/controller entirely whilst these actions are in use. I believe a minimal action is by placing the monitor/controller into a plastic bag, and removed from that bag only after the sulphur burning device has completed its purpose.

When sulphur is used in a burner type device, it is heated to the point of being atomized. This atomization aids in the reduction or control of powdery mildew on plants. Its when this atomization  of sulphur occurs and comes in contact with any moisture, it is then transformed into sulphuric acid. Sulphuric acid and any electronic device with electricly conductive circuitry will be damaged beyond being repaired.

Verify the voltage of the power outlet is 120 Volts rather than 240 Volts prior to plugging the monitor/controller or any other electronic device.

Using a good quality power surge protector between the power outlet and the power cord of the device will protect against surges of electricy caused by your power provider.

The emphasis is the maintemance and care of equipment, therefore reducing costly repairs and “down time”.